Madam Multiculturism

Six years ago, my racial harmony article attracted much attention and till today, I am still receiving requests for the use of the photo (brilliantly captured by my friend Andrew Teoh) in the article because it epitomises multiculturism.

This time, I encountered Multiculturism herself incarnated in Aunty Rose of Singapore - her almost-native Cantonese proficiency put me, a real Cantonese, to utter shame because I could only manage basic words due to the influence of my Mom who is a Teochew.

In the following video, Aunty Rose spoke 6 languages eloquently effortlessly but more importantly, she spoke the universal language of compassion, honour, respect, generosity, determination, tenacity and love with a huge dose of wittiness (we simply call this the Kampung Spirit lah!) which greatly inspired and touched me as I prepare to celebrate Singapore's independence day tomorrow:

Happy National Day my dear fellow Singaporeans!


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