A Mother's Prayer

When I was in university, I almost failed an exam on Analog Electronics. It was the first time in my life that I was so ill-prepared for an exam (I was already too digital then!)! But I somehow survived...

On the night before the exam, my Mom noticed that I was visibly stressed. She had never seen me so helpless because I was usually confident before an exam and would go to bed early. But that night, I was trying to revise and understand how to solve possible exam questions. I just couldn't grasp the concepts and tried to call friends for help but they were all busy with their preparations too.

My Mom sensed my predicament and knew that she shouldn't interrupt me especially when she could not be of any help with my studies. So she did what she knew best in such hopeless moments: she took out her rosary and prayed. Somehow when I realized she started praying, I felt peaceful and my mind started to clear up a bit. And I felt the sudden urge to call a friend, someone whom I would not normally call in such times. It was close to midnight then but he took the call promptly. He was also up revising and upon learning about my situation, he decided to come over to my place to help me out!

Time was running out because the exam was in the first morning slot! So we stayed up the whole night to study and my Mom kept praying too in her room. My friend advised me to memorise solutions rather than understand them as there was just not enough time for him to explain so many theories. 

When the first light came, my Mom immediately came out to prepare breakfast and got me ready to leave. She was with me in spirit and prayer all the time and I left home with an inexplicable peace to face the ultimate exam of my life! It was a miracle that I eventually got a B for it despite having no interest and no clue on the key theories, and I went on to graduate with first-class honours. 

I knew I wouldn't be where I am now without my Mom. So today, I wish to thank and honour her with this little article. 

Happy Mother's Day Mom! And to all mothers out there too! Always remember, your love and prayers are powerful beyond measure!


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