Seeding Racial Harmony

Last Friday, my wife and I volunteered at the "Racial Harmony Day" annual event at Montfort Junior School. It was a real fun and memorable event with yummy traditional and multicultural food and interesting activities like rickshaw rides and whacky photo booths.

Many other parent volunteers put in their heart and soul to make the event a most meaningful one for their children by recreating a "kampung" environment where Singaporeans from the four main ethnic groups used to live together and interact freely; nobody locked their doors in those days because everyone viewed one another as part of the same big family!

The following photo touched me deeply and conjured up feelings of pride, security and peace because it represented Singapore's dedication to continued racial harmony in the generations to come:
Photo by Andrew Teoh @ Montfort Junior School on 25 July 2014


syd said…
This is a great pic that sums of Sg. culture!
syd said…
This is a great pic that sums of Sg. culture!

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