A Flexitarian's Experience

I like to eat meat... after being a Flexitarian for almost 3 years, I must admit that I still prefer meat to veggies!

But that doesn't mean I am "backsliding" - my dietary preferences were never the reasons for my conversion in the first place - the key reason was, is and always will be the welfare of innocent animals.

Today, the situation isn't getting better for our fellow earth-dwellers: read about the barbarities of factory farming here, and learn about 30 reasons to go vegetarianism here. And find out how you can gradually transition to a more vegan diet here.

Though I have not successfully converted anyone to Vegetarianism or Flexitarianism, I've learnt that through my many opportune sharings during mealtimes, many had reduced meat intake and started thinking/questioning about animal cruelty! And unlike vegetarians, I have the advantage of being able to "infiltrate" the meat-eating camps and evangelise about the benefits of vegetarianism!

And so, after all these years, I still choose to remain a Flexitarian and continue my crusade against animal cruelty!

Taste buds vs Justice - what's your take?


Anonymous said…
taste buds v Justice:

it's not your taste buds that want you to eat meat -- it's your metabolism and 6.5 million years of evolution that are telling you meat is the way to go.

also: it's not cruelty to animals that is turning you off of eating meat -- it's cruelty to life. modern industrial farming and animal husbandry is inherently cruel. once you get past that, and back to the essential nature of being an engulfing heterotroph, you'll be able to eat meat without calling yourself a "flexitarian."
David Woon said…
If we can get past cruelty to life, or even have the thought of wanting to do so because of self-interest, then our humanity is at stake...

In any case, there is an abundance of evidence of the tremendous benefits of a vegetarian diet - just google vegetarianism. Here's one excellent site by doctors:
KidsHealth - Vegetarianism
=eve= said…
There's an article on strait times today (9 June 2008) about a 12 year old having spine problem due to her straight vegetarian diet. I'm not against vegetarianism; just wanted to highlight the importance of meat (especially for our young ones ^^)
David Woon said…
Thanks =eve= for sharing the article, which can be viewed here: Vegan girl, 12, 'has spine of 80-year-old'

Rather than highlighting the importance of meat for young kids, I believe this article more aptly highlights the importance of a well-balanced diet (either vegetarian or non-vegetarian).

For more information on a balanced vegetarian diet, check out the nutritional FAQs of the Vegetarian Society of Singapore here: General & Nutritional Concerns

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