Midway - Overcoming the Invincible, Invisible & Inexplicable

On 4 June 1942, the Americans encountered an enemy that bore striking similarities with COVID-19:

- Invincible: At that time, the Japanese navy was thought to be unbeatable since it had not been defeated over the past 50 years.

- Invisible: Radar technology was in its infancy and couldn't detect anything beyond 240 km, so this made it virtually impossible to detect the Japanese fleet in the Pacific Ocean which covers 165 million sq km!

- Inexplicable: The attack on Pearl Harbour was such an unexpected move by the Japanese that the Americans actually had clear warnings but chose to ignore them! So they had no idea how to fight an irrational enemy!

But through sheer determination, fearless heroism, intricate planning based on what little intel they had plus a little luck, the Americans dealt a crippling below to the Japanese navy at the battle of Midway where the Japanese lost 4 carriers, 1 heavy cruiser, 3,500 men and 270 aircraft whereas the Americans lost only 1 carrier, 100 men and 130 aircraft. 

The movie Midway paid perfect tribute to this glorious battle and I fully encourage you to catch it! Not only it had a great cast, it had such amazing special effects that I thought I was in the middle of the battle via my 100-inch projection screen! The storyline was also very historically accurate and would be a good history lesson for your kids too!

More importantly, it reminded us of the indomitable human spirit and that we will once again triumph against COVID-19 which is thought to be invincible, invisible and inexplicable!


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