Quotes for Superheroes - Unleashing the Hero in YOU!

I love Superheroes... but I love more the unsung heroes among us as well as the hero that is in YOU - because there is nothing more inspirational than to meet a real hero in the flesh!

So hope my quotes below will unleash the hero in YOU (regularly updated):

"Never postpone doing good because you never know if the opportunity would be postponed for good."

"If all the time & effort spent complaining are dedicated to solving problems, there will be less problems to complain about."

"Character is doing what one thinks is right, not doing what one thinks is wrong and constantly learning what is right and wrong."

"Be on the lookout for small opportunities to help someone so that when the big one comes along, you’re ready."

"Speak words of Kindness as they give Hope, Strength & Motivation to the weary."

"Mobile addiction is silently destroying lives, so learn about its symptoms and speak loudly against it."

"The most powerful hero is the one who brings out the hero in others."

"Find Purpose & Excellence will follow."

"With great power comes not only great responsibility but also great vulnerability to the dark side."

"It matters little that you cannot do great things because little things matter greatly too when done with love."

"A hero & a villain think about what & how they can give & take respectively."

"Stay hopeful. Stay funny."

"When in doubt, do the kinder thing."

"We are the average of our network - that's why the Avengers & Justice League are so powerful!"

"When you listen with your heart, you will empower hearts."

"Ditch the car if you are not going far."

"Make everyone you meet feel special because they are special."

"Be not a bystander but be on standby to help."

"A true hero is heroic even when no one is watching."

"It’s more fulfilling to make Heartlines than Headlines."

You will find my personal reflections on the above quotes here.


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