Thoughts for the Year

At the start of this new year, I would like to share my personal thoughts which are inspired by my life experiences and captured in short original quotes:


"You truly love when you love even when you don't feel like loving."

“It matters little that you cannot do great things because little things can matter greatly too when done with love.”

"True Love loves loving regardless of the lovability of the beloved."

"True love is a decision to love even when the feelings of love have gone into remission."

“Let all your thoughts and actions be immersed in pure LOVE, and you will understand the mystery of LIFE.”

"If family matters to you, it matters you spend quality time with family."


“Your Happiness will find you when you help others find theirs.”

“The surest way to lose happiness is to seek it."

"If you're not happily exhausted at the end of the day, it means you have not found a worthy challenge that exploits your fullest potential."

“You will enjoy your work only when you see it as anything but work.”

“Smile whenever possible, wherever you are, whatever you do, at whosoever you meet and you will find Joy easily.”

"Be thankful that you don't have all you've ever wanted because if you do, what is there to look forward to?"


"Sustain Compliments + Suspend Complaints = Superb Communication"

"Before any unkind speech/act, pause to analyse, visualise and prioritise; by then, hopefully, it's too late."

"Everyone is reasonable – when we apply this "Golden Assumption", we open the doors of real communication and achieve win-win results."

"No one deliberately chooses to be unreasonable - so if you think someone is unreasonable, do not judge as you do not know his/her reasons."

"Good words about us may fuel our ego and bad ones our anger, so seek them not."

"The car in front is always too slow while the one behind too fast - it's just a matter of perspective."


"Life doesn't always go smoothly... but if we accept this fact with a smile, we'll always find the strength to go another mile."

“When you are a victim of inconsideration and injustice, remember that things could be worse: you could be the victimiser.”

"Never postpone doing good because you never know if the opportunity would be postponed for good."

"It's never too soon to do the right thing but it can be too late."

“The right time to do the right thing is right now.”

"What is a lifetime in comparison with eternity? It makes sense then to spend one's lifetime preparing for life after death."

"One can be too busy or too idle - I choose to risk being the former because it guarantees I won't become the latter."


“Character is doing what one thinks is right, not doing what one thinks is wrong and constantly trying to discover what is right and wrong.”

"You are as good as your worst behaviour."

“The worst dying thought is knowing you’ve made a negative difference in someone’s life with your thoughtless words or actions.”

"Bad people are usually not as bad as we think and good people are usually not as good as we think; the wise avoids such thoughts in the first place."

“Most people think they know a lot… but that’s just because they know too little to know how little they know."

“Be gentle with the mistakes of others as we all have the potentiality of making similar mistakes in the past, present or future."

“When you feel that you deserve to be treated better, resolve never to let another feel the same."

"If you are nice to people who don't deserve it, you are really nice."

"The darkness in the world is due to the minority putting out lights faster than the majority can re-lit them."

"Think about what you think about when you are not thinking, and you will find yourself."


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