little things BIG EFFECTS

Yesterday, I was pondering about why I couldn't save much money every month even though I had not been making big purchases lately... After analysing my credit card bills and bank accounts, I found the answer: it was in the little thoughtless purchases which I had totally disregarded because of the little money involved!

Indeed, very often, it is the little things that resulted in BIG EFFECTS because we grossly underestimate them and let our guard down against them.

Here're some other examples:
  • Time: We lose much valuable time by watching short TV shows, taking short naps, playing computer games for a short while...
  • Character: We mold our character with all the little thoughts we think throughout the day...
  • Relationships: We build/destroy relationships with all the little thoughtful/thoughtless things we do/say...


Margaret Yung said…
I believe, what we make, is something for our very personal needs, to save for 'rainy' days and also to assist others as much as we could. What we receive, is purely, the blessings from our Lord and God. And at such, per HIS WILL and COMMAND, we too have to assist our Lord and God in HIS Ministry i.e., to care for those that need our generous sharing, etc.
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David Woon said…
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