Touched by a Little Angel

12 Oct 2005 is like any other ordinary day - but to me and my family, it was a most memorable and extraordinary day because a little angel, clothed in 3.24kg of human flesh, descended from Heaven to Singapore (Lat/Lon: 1.283/103.85), touched and entered our lives at 1029hrs (GMT+08:00).

Click on for photos of my firstborn Xavier.

Xavier's first cry upon touchdown on earth was the most beautiful sound I've ever heard and the moment of beholding him for the very first time was magical!

I was entranced - this despite the fact that there are currently 6.4 billion people on earth and all of them were once babies too.

The reason, I believe, is simple: The value of a human life is intrinsically linked to the unifying Love that begets it... As my wife Lynn and I hold and touch little Xavier, we make contact with the fruit of our Love and understand a little more, the mystery of Life.


Evelyn said…
I was waiting for you to post something on your newborn ^___^ Congratulations David !!!! God bless you three always ;)
Aunty Angela & Uncle Peter, Faith & Chloe said…
Baby Xavier looks like daddy.. Cong Lynn.& well done.. big baby..
Anonymous said…
Our Godly angel, Xavier, surely would be daddy's boy! In fact, both Lynn and yourself look very alike and this is God's mystery in binding both of you together, in marriage. Praise God forever and ever, Amen, Alleluia! From the picture where daddy David seemed to be asleep, his preciously beloved sweetheart, darling Xavier, looked a duplicate of his most preciously loved daddy. Such a mystery reveals to each of us, HOW GREAT THOU ART AND MAY HE ALWAYS BE PRAISED, GLORIFIED, ADORED, LOVED, THANKED AND ALWAYS TO PLACE HIS NAME, ON HIGH, AMEN, ALLELUIA!

Try NOT to spoil our darling Xavier!

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