800 million people go hungry everyday

It's unbelievable but unfortunately true: Over 800 million people in the world go to bed hungry every night. This is one sobering fact for all of us to think about... especially for Singaporeans like me who feast or waste food without batting an eyelid. Today, hunger affects 1 in nearly 7 people. Can we now sleep soundly every night knowing that someone somewhere is starving and we aren't doing anything about it when we can actually do something about it? Here's what we can do:

1. Share this fact with as many people as possible.
2. Place this hyperlinked logo on your blog/website:

3. Make a contribution to the World Food Programme here.
4. Eat simply and don't waste food unnecessarily - then contribute the money saved to the World Food Programme.
5. Remember those afflicted with hunger in your prayers.

We can't eradicate hunger easily but we sure can do our little parts wherever we are with whatever we have! Together, we can make a big difference!


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