The Supreme Goodness of Good Friday

We know of good people, good books, good movies and of course, good food - but a good Friday?!?

Today is the day when Christians all over the world commemorate the cruel torture and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. How can this be so good that warrants the marking of a Friday as Good? Logically speaking, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ spelt His ultimate failure - not only did He not fulfill His generally-perceived mission of driving out the Romans from the Holy Land, He was betrayed by His very own people (the Jews) whom He supposedly came to save.

But He was misunderstood - He was actually successful in the truest sense possible; He did precisely what He came to do: to save mankind from sin and eternal damnation by suffering, dying and rising from the dead. In short, Good Friday is good because it is the turning point in history of mankind where mankind is freed from the clutches of Sin and Death.

But is this really true? How can this be verified with scientific evidence and reasoning?
The answers, I'm afraid, are not readily available - you have to seek them with a true and open heart. Begin your search now and experience the supreme goodness of Good Friday.


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